Netflix has released a trailer sizzle reel of all its summer movies, including Army of the Dead, America: The Motion Picture, & Trollhunters.

Netflix has released the trailer for its “historically accurate” movie about our chainsaw-wielding, magic-hammer-swinging founding fathers in America: The Motion Picture.

The off-screen credits highlight director Matt Thompson (producer for Archer and director for Sealab 2021 and Dicktown) and writer Dave Callaham (writer for the Mortal Kombat 2021 reboot and The Expendables series). The voice cast for the animated feature includes Channing Tatum as George Washington, Simon Pegg as King James, Judy Greer as Martha Dandridge, Jason Mantzoukas as Samuel Adams, Bobby Moynihan as Paul Revere, Killer Mike as Blacksmith, and Raoul Max Trujillo as Geronimo.

The America: The Motion Picture trailer shows off the absurdist retelling of America’s founding with period-appropriate elements such as jetpacks, impossibly jacked Founding Fathers, and British-operated boat and double-decker bus mechs stomping across the plains of America. The ridiculous imagery helps sell the hyper-serious and overly masculine performance by Tatum as George Washington. The trailer looks like it’s taking the piss out of the less over-the-top but still inaccurate version of the founding of America I remember from school.

Listed as “raunchy, irreverent, goofy, exciting” on Netflix’s official page, it no doubt plans to push far past good taste and will hopefully land firmly in satirical brilliance.

America: The Motion Picture releases on Netflix June 30.

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