American McGee Brings Grimm To Steam Greenlight


So, how dark do you like your 23 different fairy tales?

Once upon a time there was a game called Grimm by American McGee, that de-prettified the old stories and made them the dark and terrible fables they ought to be. Time passed, but the game didn’t, and now American McGee’s taking his 23 episode Grimm to Steam Greenlight, where the fans will get to decide – probably very quickly – whether or not it will see a Steam release.

Each one of the 23 episodes promises about a half-hour’s worth of gameplay, and was first released episodically, in seasons, not unlike Telltale’s Walking Dead. You play as Grimm, a dwarf determined to eliminate ‘saccharine sweet’ from the fairy tale dictionary. You’ll help a boy learn the meaning of fear, lead the Luck Child on a quest to retrieve three hairs from the Devil’s head, and put Grimm’s unique twist on Scrooge’s Christmas Carol, among many other adventures. The true meaning of the word fear will become very clear to you, as Grimm capers through the classics, fixing them with his unique brand of carefree charm.

Want to know more? The Greenlight page is just over here and there’s a website over here.

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