Among the Sleep Awakens


Among the Sleep, the horror-adventure that plays out from the perspective of a two-year-old child, is now on Kickstarter.

It’s been almost a year since we first (and last) laid eyes on Among the Sleep, and I’m very pleased to say that development has proceeded apace and the whole thing has reached the point where it’s now ready to hawk its wares on Kickstarter. The “core gameplay and levels” are complete, but the team says there’s still a great deal of production work, polishing and testing to be done, a process greatly slowed by the need to maintain “real jobs” in order to eat and pay the rent.

The solution? 200 large from gamers willing to support the studio’s independence through Kickstarter, a sum the team says will allow its key members to work on Among the Sleep full time – not a bad idea at all, based on the images and teasers on display on the Kickstarter page.

Among the Sleep is easily one of the most intriguing horror concepts I’ve run into. Playing from the perspective of a small child means not just a different camera angle but a different view of the world as a whole and all the things in it. There will be some puzzle and adventure elements but the primary focus is on exploration, atmosphere and horror, and even though you’re playing as a small child, character death is possible.

Putting the player into the moon-and-stars onesie of a small child, with all the physical and perceptive limitations that entails, is a really great idea, and the environment and gameplay videos on the Kickstarter page look incredibly promising. The indie horror scene may be approaching a risk of saturation, but gamers don’t seem to have reached a point of “horror fatigue” just yet: The Kickstarter has earned more than $40,000 after just one day.

Source: Kickstarter

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