Among the Sleep Goes Behind the Scenes With New Video


Among the Sleep developer Krillbite Studio has posted a behind-the-scenes video showing off some environmental testing and a brief snippet of the game’s unusual first-person perspective.

There are few games I’m looking forward to more than Among the Sleep, the first-person horror game that’s seen through the eyes of a two-year-old child. It’s an unusual visual perspective, but more significantly it allows for some creative level designs, as players are able to move through spaces that adults could never even think about entering.

The first part of this “behind the scenes” video is interesting as a brief look at how level designs go from concept to execution, but it’s the bit near the end that’s really the payoff. The oversized world is intimidating, and even smiling stuffed animals have a certain menacing quality to them when they appear as big as a horse – especially when they suddenly and without warning seem to just materialize out of the shadows.

For gamers who really like to immerse themselves into first-person horror fun, Krillbite recently published the Oculus Rift-supported version of its Among the Sleep alpha test. “Going forward we’ll be optimizing the implementation a lot,” the studio said. “We have established a good relationship with Oculus themselves to acquire feedback on how to create the best Rift experience for you.”

Krillbite has yet to announce a solid release date for Among the Sleep but said last month that it should be out in the early spring of 2014. To find out more, hit up

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