An Interesting Contrast in Styles


Eurogamer files a report from Paris, where they do cool stuff like put Yoshitaka Amano and Michel Ancel on the same stage to talk character designs.

The different approaches were what drew my interest. Amano, well, he just kind of *does it* and hands it over to Square and lets them figure out how to turn something like this into a 16-bit Super Nintendo sprite.

Ancel–who worked on Beyond Good and Evil, making him one of my personal heroes from the get-go–works much more in a team-style approach where you have to compromise and work with people.

I suppose it’s the old clash of the “artistic” versus the “what can we actually do,” though I prefer the artistic approach. Simply because we can’t reach the stars doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try.

What I really wish I could’ve seen was the 15 minute demonstration of Amano whipping out some drawings that look absolutely gorgeous.

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