Analysts Forecast PS3 Market Dominance By 2010


Despite low launch numbers and a delay in Europe, Research And Markets believes the PS3 will sell 75 million units by 2010, retaining the market lead.

In the teaser for their full report, Research And Markets highlights some of their bold predictions for the game industry in 2010. The top among them that the PS3 would continue to lead the market, although the Xbox 360 and the Wii would close the gap thanks to delays in Europe and a slow start for Sony’s system.

“The PlayStation 3, Wii and Xbox 360, dubbed the next generation of consoles, each hold a unique position with regard to console offerings,” claims the report. “While Sony and Microsoft aim towards increased functionality as a key driver for adoption, Nintendo look for innovative game play and the elusive fun factor.”

The company also expects the U.S. to be the largest console market by 2010 while the worldwide install base grows overall.

The full report, which also focuses on “key drivers” for the next-generation systems, can be read for as little as US$2,676.

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