Angry Birds Theme Park Takes Flight

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The Angry Birds are soaring to Finland’s Särkänniemi Adventure Park. Hopefully it’s not made of hastily hobbled-together wooden girders.

Because the mobile game, impending sequel set in space, plush toys, board game, shoes, upcoming movie, and Starbucks integration, apparently aren’t enough for fans of the vastly popular avian-slingshotting simulator, Angry Birds, Rovio is helping to develop a section of Finland’s Särkänniemi Adventure Park into something called Angry Birds Land.

This new section of the park will feature what are currently being called “Magic Places,” which are areas where “activities and the gaming world meet.”

“We wanted to create a unique themed area and associate it with a strong and well-known brand,” says Miikka Seppälä, CEO of the park. “The Angry Birds characters were born in Finland but known worldwide by people of all ages. This is a perfect fit for our Adventure Park. Our goal is to motivate the fans, both adults and children, to exercise and enjoy the outdoors.”

Not much more is currently known of the upcoming Finnish facility other than the fact that it will feature Angry Birds themed rides and games. That’s right, Angry Birds games themed after the Angry Birds game. That’s how far into the rabbit hole we’ve fallen. More details are expected this Spring, however, so if you’re currently a fan of the app and also knees-deep into the planning stages of a Särkänniemi holiday, you may want to wait until April before booking your slingshot.

Source: T3

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