A new graphic novel-style clip might offer a hint at Dead Space 3‘s plot.

While a third Dead Space game has been confirmed, EA and Visceral Studios haven’t been too forthcoming with specifics on what horrors they plan to throw at players next. However, a new animated Dead Space short released on the game’s official website introduces a brand new character and location for what may be the next entry in the action horror series.

The animated short features an Earthgov Sergeant by the name of John Carver who, while having a heated conversation with his wife, witnesses an attack on a Marker site located on a planet named Uxor. One crashed ship later, Carver finds himself battling against the infamous Necromorphs as they begin to infest Uxor and the colony where Carver’s wife and son are residing.

The short itself certainly fits the bill as a teaser for an upcoming Dead Space reveal, but doesn’t offer up any real specific plot details. However, given that there is a rumor that the next Dead Space will have two player co-op, the character of John Carver might just be the new sidekick we’ve been waiting to hear about.

Source: DeadSpace.com


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