Animators “Legolize” NES Games

A group of Lego masters have animated classic NES games like Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out! and Ducktales.

It’s been established that anything using Legos is automatically awesome, but sometimes people come up with Lego projects that hit a new level. Rymdreglage, a group of interesting folks that crafted a sweet videogame Lego tribute animation last year are now calling themselves Ninja Moped and have “legolized” a bunch of NES games for their 8-bit Tour contest.

Part of the 8-bit Tour is a regular competition where Ninja Moped recreates NES games in Lego animation and has people try to figure out what they are for a contest. More information can be found here.

What interests me the most are the videos themselves. Though it’s unclear if they were actually created using physical Legos or through some other technique, they’re pretty cool anyway. At the least, the in-between segments are great Lego videogame animations worth seeing.

These guys really know their Legos. To see more of the group’s videos, visit their YouTube channel. Keep in mind that the fellows talking at the end are for the contest aspect of their creations, if they confuse you.

Source: Ninja Moped, via Kotaku

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