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Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist #7: Reunion on Yock Island


Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist #7: Reunion on Yock Island


imageFullmetal Alchemist #7 is a unique installment in the series. While not quite as action-packed as its predecessor, it contains quite a few gut-wrenching, emotional moments, not to mention one of the coolest characters in the series. They’ve avoided her for a long, long time, but the Elric Brothers’ legendary, terrifying teacher finally catches up to them, providing ample opportunity for reflection…and for a long-overdue lesson in discipline.

Episode 25: Words of Farewell
This episode humanizes Mustang a lot, taking him from semi-arrogant jerk to arrogant guy who also happens to have a real, caring person underneath the cool façade.

Episode 26: Her Reason
Both Mustang and the boys’ mysteriously menacing sensei are after the Elrics. In the meantime, the brothers, with Winry in tow, head to the Promised Land of automail, Rush Valley.

imageEpisode 27: Teacher
Snagged! After a long time on the run, sensei finally catches the Elrics in Rush Valley and drags them back to her home in Dublith for a good, stern talking to. And maybe a smackdown or two.

Episode 28: All Is One, One Is All
The brothers reminisce about old times on their training island, providing plenty of material from when they were younger, and lots of insight into their relationship.

The technical presentation is sharp as ever. No series looks better and the DVD really captures all the colors and subtle details that make FMA worth watching (from a visual point of view). The sound and music are top-notch, the music subtle and underlining the emotion of a scene when it needs to, and then building up the drama and tension when the series shifts gears. While it’s not quite as extra-heavy as the previous discs, I think we can cut ’em a little slack, and the Alchemy Text with this one is worth a browsing, as they usually are.

imageFMA’s story is in top form in these four episodes, some of my favorite, and between Hughes digging into the mysteries and conspiracies introduced on disc 6 and Izumi, there’s plenty for hardcore fans to enjoy. Naturally, this installment is going to be a must-own for FMA fans, especially as Izumi continually steals the show from the Elric brothers.

Technical/Extras: 8.0
Not quite as many extras as in previous installments, but still, plenty to enjoy for hardcore fans of the series.

Entertainment: 9.5
One of the best discs of the series. What can I say? I’m a fan.

Overall: 9.5

Episodes: Episode 25: Words of Farewell, Episode 26: Her Reason, Episode 27: Teacher, Episode 28: All Is One, One Is All

Extras: Actor commentary, textless songs, production art, image gallery, character profiles, trailers

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