Naughty Dog’s Uncharted 2: Among Thieves will be the first PS3 game to include automated Twitter support to give your friends live updates on just how well your Nathan Drake is doing.

Our colleagues over at TheBBPS have been spending some time in the Uncharted 2 beta, and while messing around with the options discovered something very interesting – the ability to synchronize your game with your Twitter account and let your buddies know as you progress through the game.

There are six available options right now according to the screencaps, meaning that Uncharted 2 will Tweet for you every time you:

-Connect to Multiplayer
-Upload a Cinema File
-Complete a Chapter
-Earn Money in Multiplayer
-Earn a Trophy
-Reach a Level Milestone

This functionality seems to already be live, as seen in this Tweet by Naughty Dog’s own Arne Meyer. It’s certainly an interesting idea, and might well help foster a sense of community and/or competition between friends who both have Uncharted 2 – I need to catch up, Frank’s a chapter ahead of me! – but it could also just make people want to stop following people who are playing the game lest their Twitter list get flooded by dozens of Nathan Drakes.

(Via CVG)

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