Another Godzilla Reboot in the Works


The grandaddy of giant Japanese movie monsters, Godzilla, is looking to make another comeback to American cinema screens courtesy of Legendary Pictures, the studio that produced The Dark Knight.

Godzilla is an international pop culture icon, and not even critically panned and just plain awful reboots are going to stop people from trying to try their hands at their own takes on the character. This time around, Legendary Pictures, the production house responsible The Dark Knight and others, is taking the reins, having started work on a major blockbuster starring the giant Japanese monster.

No details exist on the project so far aside from that Legendary supposedly wants to make it a big deal, which shouldn’t surprise anyone.

While painful memories of director Roland Emmerich’s appallingly bad Godzilla reboot in 1998 starring Matthew Broderick might immediately lead you to assume this is an awful, awful idea, I suppose some optimism might be gleaned from the fact that Legendary has not gone astray each time it has tried to adapt beloved geek franchises into big bucks Hollywood fare. I mean, they made The Dark Knight, 300 and Watchmen, so who knows. They’re also at work on the World of Warcraft movie.

It really can’t be worse than Godzilla 1998. I was barely out of grade school when I saw that movie and even then I knew it was bad. Actually, scratch that. It can be worse than that Godzilla. It cannot, however, be worse than the Puff Daddy video for “Come With Me” produced as a tie-in for that movie. Now that was awful.

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