Another Live Action He-Man Film?


By the poooowwweeerrrrr of Graaaayyyssskulllll! He-Man rides again. Maybe.

For some time now, another film featuring the overtly-masculine, sword wielding 80’s cartoon icon has been tentatively in the works, but false-starts here and there have left the ripped hero’s cult following wondering when they’ll see him in action again. It seems Grayskull: The Masters of the Universe may be back on track, now that Kung Fu Panda director John Stevenson is potentially at the helm of the second live action He-Man movie.

Citing anonymous sources this week, Latino Review reports Stevenson approached Warner Bros. and producer John Silver with a hot presentation on the in-limbo He-Man film and landed the gig as director. I’d save the celebrating for an official announcement, but this could mean the flick is closer to actual fruition.

The last time viewers were treated to a live action He-Man movie, Masters of the Universe, the results were startlingly bad – in a totally awesome way (I should know: I saw it in the theater). Dolph Lundgren’s likeness was spot-on with what the 1987 kid version of me always imagined a real-life He-Man would look like. Plus he wielded a sword and lasers: very cool to a seven-year-old. The movie was horrendously cheesy, even by late-80s standards. I can’t wait to be bombarded by the next round of He-Man atrocities, should the second live action film every make it into the theaters. Even a straight-to-DVD release would suffice.

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