Solatorobo: Red the Hunter is on its way to North America for those that appreciate RPGs, mechs, and anthropomorphism.

Solatorobo: Red the Hunter is one of the more unique games released for the Nintendo DS in Japan and soon to hit the system in Europe on July 1. Annoyingly, the game was kept off of the North American radar for quite some time, until now. XSEED Games recently announced that it’s officially bringing Solatorobo to North America.

Solatrobo is CyberConnect2’s spiritual sequel to the PS1’s Tail Concerto which first introduced the developer’s take on anthropomorphic characters piloting mechs. The same sort of gameplay is back in Solatorobo, starring the dog-like Red Savarin and his Robo companion Dahak.

Red and Dahak travel throughout the Shepherd Republic, a series of floating islands populated by dog and cat-people, in their quest for an important stolen file that leads to a deeper adventure surrounding a mysterious artifact. Mechs, called Robos in Solatorobo, are just an everyday part of life for the citizens of the Shepherd Republic.

Players will stomp around in Dahak, using the Robo to pull switches, pickup and throw items, fight enemies, and the like. Solatorobo features dozens of quests and characters to meet along the way, in addition to mini-games like fishing and racing. It’s definitely a game to put on your radar if you like the obscure side of gaming.

Solatorobo: Red the Hunter will be available in North America in fall 2011.

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