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Apex Legends May Have Legs


Apex Legends is a big hit. Despite my initial disappointment —  only Titanfall 3 will do — Respawn’s new battle royale game  has captivated millions of players and is a real challenger for Fortnite. It’s a great free-to-play shooter, has a fair in-game economy, a terrific voiceless squad communication system, is a hell of a lot of fun to control, and appears to have some longevity to it.

In fact, Respawn aims to support Apex Legends post launch for a while to come. Per a blogpost on the Apex Legends subreddit, Respawn has banned over 16,000 cheaters and is enthusiastic about adding a report feature to catch any future malevolent players.The blog post also addressed frequent crashes happening across all platforms and urges players to use the current report feature which Respawn checks daily. Respawn has even already made some fixes regarding crashes and glitches.

Further proving Apex Legends may have staying power is the leaked content. Per a report on Dexerto, dataminers discovered two potential new legends in Octane and Wattson as well as their respective abilities of Stimpack and Tesla Trap. There aren’t any details on exactly what those two abilities will do, but judging by other abilities, Stimpack could be more of a support class and Tesla may be a bit more defensive.

No word yet on the characters’ designs, though. One of the best aspects of the current roster of Legends is its diversity. While racial, sexual, and gender identity doesn’t affect gameplay, the wealth of options adds depth to the characters and makes all of them distinct, and hopefully the new characters will be just as unique.

Apex Legends looks to keep its strong early momentum with more content coming, further cementing it as one of the rare live services that is actually robust and functional at launch.

Personally, I’m already champing at the bit to get back to the battlefield.

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