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Read Article Respawn Building Team to Work on New Single-Player Adventure Game
respawn entertainment hiring small team to develop new single-player adventure
Read Article Titanfall Only Has ‘One or Two’ Developers on the Franchise at Respawn
Titanfall developers one or two Respawn Entertainment amid DDos hack
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Video game news 4/29/21: Halo Infinite PC cross-play, Among Us on PS4 and PS5, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order next-gen, Apex Legends Valkyrie.
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Mortal Kombat 2 movie sequel Jeremy Slater New Line Cinema Video game news 4/26/21: Mortal Kombat movie strong box office start, Knockout City debuts on Xbox Game Pass, Apex Legends Arenas 3v3 nier replicant sales uk games with gold may
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Video game news 4/14/21: Cris Tales release date, Fez on Switch, Apex Legends 100 million players Assassins Creed Valhalla: Wrath of the Druids DLC delayed
Read Article News You Might’ve Missed on 4/5/21: Outriders’ Launch Performance, April’s PS Now Games, & More
video game news april 5, 2021 Ace Combat 7 25th anniversary dlc Apex Legends Monster Hunter Rise 70 million units shipped Outriders PS Now
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Video game news 3/2/21: Yakuza: Like a Dragon PlayStation 5 upgrade issues, Sony discontinuing TV/movie purchases on PS Store, & more Wii U firmware update Blasphemous 1 million Apex Legends Switch gameplay trialer
Read Article News You Might’ve Missed on 2/2/21: Apex Legends Switch Release Date, Quantic Dream’s New Studio, & More
Video game news 2/2/21: Apex Legends Switch March release with Panic Button, new Quantic Dream Montreal studio, new PS Now & Game Pass games
Read Article News You Might’ve Missed on 2/1/21: Nintendo Switch Outsells 3DS, Gran Turismo 7 Will Feel ‘Nostalgic,’ & More
Video game news 2/1/21: Nintendo Switch outsells 3DS, Animal Crossing: New Horizons sales reach 31 million, Cris Tales July release Apex Legends Switch release soon
Read Article News You Might’ve Missed on 1/29/21: Platinum Says to ‘Forget’ Bayonetta 3 for Now, Biomutant’s Long Development, & More
Video game news 1/29/21: PlatinumGames wants players to forget Bayonetta 3 for now, Biomutant development update, Apex Legends Fuse trailer call of duty black ops cold war z zombies trailer


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