PAX is always a fun time for the LRR crew, as with any chance to meet friends and fans, but we got a special bonus at this year’s PAX Prime when we were asked to appear at Scott Kurtz and Kris Straub’s live show, the night before PAX.

The whole show was put on by our good friend and general awesome-lady Dammit Liz (who is currently managing a tour for Molly Lewis and The Doubleclicks!), and when she asked us to come down to Seattle a little earlier than usual, we were thrilled at the chance. The other guests for the Thursday show (an additional Sunday show was later added due to demand) were troubadours Paul and Storm, former Xbox Live Enforcer Stepto, and Max & Eli, two of the writers for Cards Against Humanity. The whole show was sponsored by Card Kingdom, the awesome games store and website that sponsor our Magic Online drafts.

We don’t do a lot of live work, so it’s always fun to figure out what exactly we’re going to contribute to these shows. A running joke is that we’re a large group compared to most acts in a show like this. In this case, there were six of us. So I devised a bizarre gag wherein “Referee Matt” would tag us in and out as we chatted with Kris & Scott. It was weird.

Liz also wanted something fun to do with the Cards Against Humanity guys, since they were announcing their second expansion at the show. I suggested doing an altered version of the improv game “Whose Line?” (the actual game, also known as “Sentences”, not the TV show), and then suddenly we were on the schedule. Jer, Kris and I acted out a scene set at the PAX tabletop area, using CAH black and white cards for our feed phrases. It was also weird, but super effective. We used it again the following night at the PAX improv panel. Try it yourself!

If you want to see the show, our friend and Loading Time video intern Sarah Mendiola (who contributed some footage to this episode) recorded the whole thing and put it up on her YouTube channel. Big thanks to our other special guest video intern Jason Chinnock for shooting the rest of this episode. We couldn’t have done it without you guys! And thank to Liz, Kris and Scott for having us, we’d do it again in a heartbeat.

Coming up in future Loading Times: More at PAX Prime, and The Escapist Expo!

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