Apple Packages Games with New iPods


Two brand new iPods come with three free games.

Apple announced new iPod Classic ($249 for 80 GB and $349 for 160 GB) and iPod Nano ($149 for 4 GB and $199 for 8 GB) hardware that will include three free games designed for the hardware. Each iPod is packed with iQuiz, the entertainment trivia game; Vortex, a 360-degree, colorful alternative to the Brick game included on older iPods; and Klondike, the famous solitaire spin-off. Additional games will be available for purchase for both iPod systems later this month from the iTunes Store, including Sudoku and Tetris from Electronic Arts and Ms. Pac-Man from NAMCO.

“The first iPod put 1,000 songs in your pocket-this new iPod classic can put 40,000 songs in your pocket. With a thinner, all-metal enclosure and an enhanced user interface, the iPod classic is ideal for people who want to hold everything on their iPod,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s Chief Executive Officer.

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