Apple Rejects Unpleasant Horse


Said Apple to 4th & Battery: “F#©K you and that unpleasant horse you rode in on!” (Ok, not really)

It seems like only yesterday that we were all giggling over that charming little trailer 4th & Battery released for its upcoming title Unpleasant Horse. Oh, wait, it was two days ago. Apparently, though, Apple wasn’t all that big a fan of the game: the developer has revealed that Unpleasant Horse was rejected for the App Store due to “mature content.”

4th & Battery made a good-natured tweet about the whole thing earlier today: “WTF? Apple rejected Unpleasant Horse cuz of ‘mature content’? We thought horses dying in meat grinders was wholesome family entertainment!”

Shortly after it was made, the studio took said tweet down, but explained (via two more posts) that it’s still hoping to get the game published without having to cut any content:

“We’re appealing, though (with a higher rating) and we’ll hopefully have good news for y’all soon!”

“Anyhoo, we still love Apple. Honest. We even had (and liked!) a Newton back in the day. Hope we get an appropriate rating for the game!”

For those of you who haven’t heard about it before this, Unpleasant Horse is an iOS game that has players controlling a winged pony that jumps from cloud to cloud and stomps its fellow flying ponies out of the sky and down to a (presumably) gruesome death. Personally, I think that sounds like a fine way to while away a slow afternoon, so hopefully we’ll get to see the full version of the game on the App Store soon.

Source: Eurogamer

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