Is Apple backing down on its claim that Macs don’t catch viruses?

We’ve all seen those Mac vs. PC commercials that imply Macs don’t fall victim to viruses, but an item posted on Apple’s support website on November 21st entitled “MAC OS: Antivirus utilities” encouraged Mac users to have multiple virus checkers running simultaneously.

David Marcus, of virus protection software publisher McAfee, has said “Apple is just realizing that malware these days is targeting data, and valuable data exists just as much on an OS platform that is a Mac as it does on an OS platform that is Windows.”

Given Apple’s suggestion that you should have multiple anti-virus applications running, it’s worth noting that there are very few free anti-virus programs around; Clamxav is the only one I could find. That leaves the three pay-for checkers: Intego, McAfee and Norton.

Forums have already been raging with the Glorious PC Master Race crashing down on the 300 Mac-Spartans, but it’s not devolved into madness yet.

Perhaps this one is more appropriate now?

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