Apple wants to “talk iPhone” at a press conference next week, but it won’t reveal much else

We’ve all known that Apple’s new iPhone would be appearing on the market in the near future, especially after a prototype was lost in a San Francisco bar (again). Now, Apple is ready to share the magical secrets of this device with the world, and the company is planning to unveil it next week on October 4th.

The company sent out an e-vite to several prominent tech journalists with the image seen here. It may seem random, but there’s a method to Apple’s madness:

Going from top left and clockwise we have: The date of the announcement, the time, the number “1” (does that mean only one new model?), and the address for Apple’s HQ at 1 Infinite Loop.

At the moment, no one’s entirely sure what to expect with this new model, though the internet is currently rife with rumors and predictions like a gigabyte of RAM, a voice control “Assistant” feature, and an 8 MP camera that shoots full 1080p HD video all seem reasonable. One thing that almost everyone’s agreeing on is that Apple will announce the iPhone’s arrival with cell carrier Sprint.

Apple, of course, is content to remain tight-lipped and mysterious until next week.

Source: Business Insider via Geek

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