A craftsman with an eye for both steampunk and retro-horror aesthetics has crafted an arcade cab that fuses the two together,

Building your own aracde cabinet is a pretty big achievement, but making one with as much character as Doug Haffner’s spooky-steampunk cab takes it to another level. The cab combines steampunk with the mad scientist aesthetic of the 1930’s Frankenstein movies of Boris Karloff and is the result of around 60-80 hours work

On the blog he wrote for the project, Haffner said:

“I like steampunk, Harper Goff (designed the disney Nautilus from 20,000 leagues) and Kenneth Strickfaden (set designer and prop builder for Boris Karloff’s Frankenstein. I thought it would be fun to combine all that into a MAME cabinet to play video games and use as a jukebox …

I hope you enjoy it.”

Source: Steampunk Workshop

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