Classic Qbert

The platform puzzle game returns July 8 with an optimized classic 2D mode and a 3D Q*bert Rebooted mode featuring new enemies and playable characters.

The arcade classic Q*bert is getting a new life on Steam. The isometric platform puzzle game will be released for PC on July 8, exclusively on Steam. Priced at $4.99, Q*bert includes two gameplay modes. Q*bert Classic is the 2D original game, optimized for modern PCs and updated gamepad controls or mouse and keyboard. Q*bert Rebooted remakes the game in 3D, adding seven new playable characters, three new enemies, and the ability to replay previously unlocked levels. The tiles in Q*bert Rebooted are hexagonal rather than the square tiles in Q*bert Classic. The game also includes ten achievements, with separate achievements for each gameplay mode. Mobile and tablet version of Q*bert will follow, for Android and iOS.

“With renewed interest in Q*bert, in part due to the cameo in the recent Wreck It Ralph animated feature film, we are delighted to re-introduce the game and characters to current fans as well as a new generation of gamers who are experiencing Q*bert for the first time,” says Mark Caplan, Vice President, Consumer Products, Worldwide Marketing & Distribution at Sony Pictures Entertainment. The original Q*bert, first released in 1982, was a success in arcades and went on to be released in home versions and to appear in an animated cartoon.

Sony teamed up with indie studios Galaxy Pest Control and Gonzo Games to develop the game. Previous releases of the original Q*bert have come to on several consoles, including the NES and for PlayStation via the PlayStation Network. The addition of Q*bert Rebooted and the revamped Classic mode distinguish this latest release from previous iterations. “We have a chance to pay homage to the original title while expanding it in some new directions,” says Jamie Ottillie, co-founder and CEO of Galaxy Pest Control.

It seems to me that the game might an especially good fit for touch controls on tablets. What do you think? Does Q*bert press your nostalgia buttons?

Source: Sideline Amusements

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