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Arcade Paradise, a Sim with 35+ Playable Games, Launches in August

Publisher Wired Productions and developer Nosebleed Interactive have announced an August 11, 2022 release date for sim game Arcade Paradise on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, and PC. This is a unique title set in the 1990s where you play as 19-year-old college-dropout Ashley, and you have the lofty idea to transform your dad’s laundromat into a hot arcade while he’s away. In these ways, the game is both story-driven and a management simulation. But it’s also much more than that, because the 35+ unlockable arcade cabinets in Arcade Paradise are all real, playable games created by Nosebleed.

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Check out the Arcade Paradise release date trailer for a bizarre, succinct overview of the core gameplay loop.

Nosebleed CEO and founder Andreas Firnigl discussed the approaching release of Arcade Paradise further on the PlayStation.Blog. Among other things, Firnigl discussed the joy of arcades growing up in the ’90s, saying, “We were inspired by classic arcade games from (the) past 3 decades – the game takes you through the 8, 16, and 32-bit eras, with inspirations up to the original PlayStation era – but we’ve also tried to add a modern take, so each game feels authentic but in reality, they are much more modern.” There will also be a jukebox at your arcade, for more ’90s vibes.

For a closer look at the playable arcade games, you can view another trailer below from last December. You will likely notice several pronounced nods to classic video games, such as Breakout and Bomberman.

If you want to experience all the best parts of arcades from their heyday, then keep an eye out for Arcade Paradise upon its release date this August. It will receive a physical release on Switch, PS4, and PS5.

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