Less than a week from launch, Codemasters has confirmed that the upcoming MMORPG, ArchLord, will not use a proposed “Playplus” system due to poor beta tester feedback. The system was intended to give users tiered benefits depending on how much they paid each month.

Shipping October 3rd and going live on the 6th, ArchLord will use a flat monthly fee of $14.99 US after users rejected a tiered system in beta. The plan was to use a range of monthly fees, each offering different levels of in-game incentives depending on how much the player spent. Beta testers rejected the concept, prompting Codemasters to stick with a flat fee.

“Here at Codemasters Online Gaming we place great importance on our open dialogue with players and our ability to react positively to their constructive feedback,” said Ed Relf, Director of Marketing. “We wish to thank all players that spent time testing PLAYplus and the detailed feedback they provided us, which assisted in reaching the final subscription decision.”

According to the press release, “The single monthly subscription will also include free credits for all players to redeem against in-game enhancements. All players will receive the same amount of credits as part of the single monthly subscription, providing a level playing field for all subscribers.”

Codemasters is currently evaluating a series of in-game benefits to reward the most “loyal players” in the game.

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