Arkham Asylum: Now With PhysX!


Were you really, terribly disappointed that Batman’s raging brawls in the depths of Arkham Asylum didn’t kick up paper on the floor in a realistic way? Well, this final trailer for the PC version – with PhysX support – should satisfy your needs.

Now, I thought Batman: Arkham Asylum was pretty damn good, but while PS3 and Xbox 360 owners have been able to Batarang fools in the face for a few days now, PC gamers are just going to have to wait a bit. Of course, if developer Rocksteady Studios is to be believed, the PC version will be the best one out there, thanks to the handy inclusion of physics! Er, I mean PhysX!

Watch as Batman’s swift run kicks up fallen papers behind him! Gasp as the Batarang flicks through some sort of draped cloth! Thrill as the Dark Knight slams an enemy into a table and shatters it! Maybe be disappointed when you throw a Batarang at a desk lamp and nothing happens!

Oh well. PhysX or not, it’s a pretty good trailer for the game, and if you’re still holding out on buying it, it might just push you over the edge.

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