Arma 3 Story Campaign DLC Launches This Month

ArmA III alpha screenshot

Arma 3 is finally getting its promised story content, along with additional tools for content creators.

Arma 3 was a unique entry for the series in that it never had its own story campaign. From the Early Access period right until its recent launch date, Bohemia Interactive focused on showcase missions and third-party creation tools, with plans to offer story content down the road. Thankfully, fans who were hoping for an actual storyline with the latest Arma engine now have a launch date in sight: Survive, the first of three planned DLC chapters, will arrive free-of-charge for Arma 3 customers on October 31, 2013.

The first campaign episode centers on Ben Kerry, a soldier taking part in a NATO peacekeeping operation on the completely fictional island of Altis. As withdrawing troops leave the island as part of a staged drawdown, the opposing CSAT faction moves in to fill the vacuum, eventually sparking a new conflict with little in the way of reinforcements.

Bohemia Interactive has a lot more planned for Survive than just Ben Kerry’s story. Content creators will also get access to even more tools that can be used when designing custom missions. “Of course, it’s not just about our own story, but another opportunity to provide yet more building blocks for the platform,” creative director Jay Crowe explained. “New weapons, animations, 3D objects, scripted modules – each designed to grant content creators even greater freedom to create and share their own content. Looking forward to the forthcoming episodes, we’ll continue to expand Arma 3‘s sandbox with additions such as new vehicles.”

Survive will be followed by two additional chapters, Adapt and Win, in the coming months.

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