Artist Heather Rooney recently released a new video showcasing her creation of a hand drawn pencil illustration of Robin Williams.

The tragic passing of Robin Williams conjured up a lot of strong emotions in a lot of people, more than a few of whom turned their energies toward paying tribute to the actor and his decades of brilliant work. Some of these of the small sort; things like blog posts and Tweets describing what the man meant to them. Others, like Blizzard’s in-game “Robin” NPC, were a tad larger. For artist Heather Rooney however, her method of mourning was clear: she was going to draw a picture.

That might not sound like much on the surface, but then you’ve probably never seen Rooney draw before. A 21 year-old art student, Rooney has released several time-lapse videos showcasing her as she creates pencil celebrity portraits bordering on photorealistic. Hoping to memorialize Williams, Rooney focused her most recent video on illustrating a gorgeous picture of the departed actor.

“In memory of Robin Williams,” she wrote in the video’s description. “[He] brought us so many laughs and smiles. He will truly be missed.”

In addition to her Willaims portrait she’s also drawn the likes of Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake, alongside others. To see other examples of Rooney’s work you can visit her YouTube channel or her Facebook page.

Source: YouTube

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