Artist’s Lady Knights Series Creates Diverse Women Warriors


Concept designer Sean Ng drew seven female knights based on randomized traits.

The lack of diversity in female characters in video games and other media has been a common criticism raised about the industry. More often than not, warrior women in games have the same impossibly thin frame protected by armor that is, by all appearances, the rejected extra bits from real armor, or clad in fatally flawed “boob plate” armor.

Showing just how simple it is to create interesting warrior women, concept designer Sean Ng created a randomizer to generate five categories of character traits. Each randomly generated lady knight has a weapon, build, personality, culture, and animal. Ng, also known as dogbomber on Tumblr, shared the randomizer with a challenge to other artists, saying, “Pick three and run with it! Bonus challenge: do all five categories. And of course you’re free to add to the categories if what you want isn’t in there. Have fun with it!” Ng then shared his first piece based on the randomizer, a top heavy and nervous Indian knight with powerful fists and a shark theme. Since sharing the randomizer on February 20, Ng has drawn seven knights, each time incorporating all five traits.

Ng uses prompts like the Lady Knight randomizer as a drawing exercise for short practice projects. His previously series was a set of mineral-inspired monsters. Ng is a freelance concept designer from Singapore. He was a senior artist on several mobile games, working on character, prop and environment design. His work has appeared in Conquest Age, Spirit Horizon, and Odin’s War, all from Daylight Studios in Singapore. He lists Alessandro Barbucci, Akihiko Yoshida and Kim Jung Gi among his influences. You can check out more of Ng’s work on his Tumblr and on his portfolio site, which includes a complete character redesign for The Legend of Zelda.

Source: Sean Ng on Tumblr

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