imageOK. Yesterday’s questions were a wee bit easier. Let’s mix it up a bit today, shall we? First….the answers you’ve all been waiting for:

    [li]What says “BLOO-ACK” when it dies?
    A: Small Golems
    [li]What element do Rust Gromnie spit?
    A: Frost
    [li]What type of creature was Martine studying when he was captured and turned over to the Virindi?
    A: Mosswarts
    [li]Who can be found deep inside the Mage Academy?
    A: Lord Rytheran
    [li]What drops brown beans?
    A: Mosswarts, Drudges, Bandlerlings and Tumeroks

You know, finding 5 questions each day isn’t easy. Too my lists!

    [li]Who rewards you with a moonstone for returning their book of lost poetry?
    [li]What are the 2 towns that were destroyed by the Shadow Spires?
    [li]What is special about the lifestones with the new art?
    [li]Who was the Aun Tumerok captured and held by the Virindi in Portal Space?
    [li]What is the name of His Eternal Splendor?

Heh, these are a hodge-podge! Ok, 24 hours to get today’s questions into me!

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