Asherons Call: Clues to Rubble -Not- Found? (Update)


I’ll admit I’ve been out of the Rubble search for some time, but not everyone has dropped the ball. Some researchers in the Sage Tower have discovered something interesting on the Plateau of Marae Lassel. A few have found switch plates that may spawn randomly, and when these plates are triggered seem to generate Lightning Elementals. They say that a sound like rocks falling, or what might be thunder, accompanies the spawn of the Elementals. Is this a clue to Rubble? Or is it simply a system similar to the Cultist Altars that are found scattered about the Plateau? You can head over to the Sage Tower to see what others have tried so far.

Update: Here that sound? It is the sound of another theory being shot down! Stormwaltz posted on the Sage Tower that the switch plates and Rubble are not related. Back to the drawing board…

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