Asherons Call: Online Sewing Simulator Very Popular


Perhaps the title of this item isn’t the most neutral, but seeing as it is the competition we don’t have to be entirely neutral. A bit of unfortunate news was posted on Gamespot. The Best Online Sewing Simulator (aka Dark Age of Camelot) has surpassed Asheron’s Call in terms of peak concurrent users. Asheron’s Call has held the number 3 spot, behind Everquest and Ultima Online, for the past two years. While this may sound like horrible news, without more concrete figures we can’t be sure what this means. Are more people playing online games right now than previously? Are people leaving other games, such as those already mentioned, to support Camelot?

In all seriousness, it isn’t a bad game, just through my playing it I found it wasn’t a game for me.

Thanks to Bina for the heads up.

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