That’s right folks, after about 10 weeks off, Raylin’s Ramblings is once again updated for your reading pleasure. Hopefully an extended absence like that won’t ever happen again, and I apologize for doing it happening this time. Anyway, here’s a let snippet of what the newest column is like.

“One of the aspects I love the most about Dark Majesty is the introduction of the Skill Credit quest. Since I’m still a gimp and won’t get Healing until level 50 it’s now a race between which will get me the last skill credit I need: level, or this quest. Now, this won’t make me stop being a gimp, but it will give me hope for the future.”

As usual the column can be found at I hope you all enjoy it, and I’ll see you again next week.

Raylin Du’Notin

Chancellor, Obsidian Legion

Thanks Raylin, glad to see you back!

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