Asherons Call: Some Discoveries (Update)

This article is over 22 years old and may contain outdated information

People are already excited about their new finds. We’ve seen a few screenshots of new loot that has been found, with new spells working in conjuction with old spells. One was of a dagger with Minor Focus on it, that seemed…odd.

Even more exciting was that the creature who carries the Osseous Mace (Bone Mace) appears to have finally been found! The creature was a Dark Myrmidon, which I had heard of before through rumors, and was found in the Direlands. While the mace was not found on him, the description of him and the creatures with him, Relic Bones, seems to match what we read in an old even teaser. You can read the account of the discovery on the Vault boards.

Update: I was just finally able to get in. The Villas have been upgraded with additional hooks. No word on Mansions yet.

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