Have you always wanted to ask Russ Pitts how he got started in the game business? Do you want to know which Game Dogs character is Sprout‘s favorite? Or do you have another question that you’ve just been burning to ask your favorite Escapist staff member?

Well, now you can ask us anything you like using our form.spring page. We’ve set up an account in anticipation of our five year anniversary. You can also ask questions through the forums if you prefer. We’ve got some pretty awesome events lined up this year, and this is just one of them.

You can ask us any question you want, just please avoid asking anything dirty or entirely too personal. We will be selecting questions for our special fifth year anniversary issue, so be sure to ask some zingers!

If submitting a question isn’t your cup of tea, perhaps you’d prefer to submit a picture for our photo mosaic? You can do so here.


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