Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Combat Trailer Ups Its Stab Quota


If your day has been sadly deficient thus far in watching fools get stabbed in the face, this Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood trailer is just what the doctor ordered.

The record will show that I really liked last year’s Assassin’s Creed II. So, you can probably imagine that I’m fairly psyched to grab a team and head back into Renaissance-era Italia with Ezio Auditore and company in the upcoming Brotherhood.

And after watching the trailer that you see here, I’m even more psyched than before. The highlights of the Creed games have always been the exploration, free-running, and assassinations – the combat has never been exactly what I’d call spectacular. But damned if this trailer doesn’t make it just look superb.

I mean, did you see him throw that spear through the guy’s chest? Did you see him grab that other guy in the face, and then shoot him in it? I can’t wait to do some face-grab-shooting of my very own, I can tell you that.

And yes, as one might imagine, there is plenty of stab-happy action going on. Would it really be an Assassin’s Creed game if there weren’t?

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