How will Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood end? We don’t know, but we do know that it made popular voice actor Nolan North say WTF?

What with its conspiracy-happy plot revolving around clandestine wars between ancient secret brotherhoods over objects that may or may not be divine (or extraterrestrial) in nature – not to mention the bizarre pseudo-time-travel element of the series – the endings to the two Assassin’s Creed games have made some gamers scratch their heads.

It looks like the third major entry, Brotherhood, may do the same.

MTV Multiplayer spoke with Patrice Désilets, the then-Creative Director for Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood – he left the company later that month – who related an amusing anecdote about the ending to the game.

The other day I was recording the ending of Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood with [protagonist] Desmond, with [voice actor] Nolan North. He was reading it and then he was like, “Credits?! You mother f***ker! What do you mean credits?!” And I was like, “Well, it ends there.” [Patrice makes the sound of Nolan grunting in frustration]. He’s really into it, which is great.

If you don’t like cliffhangers, maybe you shouldn’t be playing Assassin’s Creed.

Désilets also discussed the rumor that a hypothetical AC3 could be set in World War II, though he didn’t sound up on the idea, nor the suggestion to do a Japanese-themed game in the series.

I don’t see why we would do a World War II setting. We could do it, it would be fine. Like, let’s go assassinate Hitler. But really? I know everyone’s asking for a Japanese Assassin’s Creed but I’ve been talking to some Japanese people and they’re like, ‘Don’t do it. We do our own historical thing.’ I’ve been fighting a lot saying it’s not going to be a ninja, but then I’m like, why not? But I ask myself, how many games can we make in World War II? That’s maybe the only [setting] I’d say is not interesting to me.

Désilets may no longer be with the series, but it’s probably still unlikely that the man largely responsible for mapping out the Templar vs. Assassin war would have left much room in his timeline if he didn’t like the idea of WW2 or Japanese games. So hopefully, we won’t get any.

What we will get? Is awesome multiplayer. I am okay with this.

(MTV Multiplayer)

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