Assault on Fortress Moon Brings The Cold War To Space


Conquer the moon with all the best bits of 1950’s sci-fi: Lasers, robots and rockets.

The 1950’s have often been referred to as the classic era of sci-fi, where Invasion of the Body Snatchers, The War of the Worlds and Destination Moon ruled the silver screen. Flying saucers, silly looking aliens and space adventures were the highlights of the era, but sadly many games haven’t tried to focus on this campy style of science fiction and fantasy.

Charlotte, NC based Plus1Hammer hopes to change that with its first game, recently launched on Kickstarter, titled Assault on Fortress Moon. This strategy game takes place in an alternate 1950s, where the world’s resources have been devastated in the aftermath of World War II. Humanity has colonized the Moon to harvest a powerful energy source known as Element X, but a war has broken out between Earth and the Lunar Colonists who have seized all of the Moon’s mining facilities.

One player takes control of the Lunar Colonists, while up to three other players command the invading Earth Forces, comprised of Chinese, American and Russian troops all vying to retake the Moon bases and their supplies of Element X. Gameplay is spread out over six turns, letting players build troops, move units and engage in pitched battles across the lunar surface. If either side manages to hold onto just over half of the Moon bases on the map, they win.

With retro-style art and design for its plastic units, Assault on Fortress Moon looks like it has a Fortress America meets Space: 1999 vibe to it that may appeal to strategy fans who enjoy a dose of sci-fi in their games. If that sounds like something you’d want to bring to your weekly gaming group, check out the Kickstarter here.

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