Cady Coleman’s weightless flute performance from the International Space Station is one of the coolest things you’ll see today.

Astronauts are plenty impressive people on their own, but every now and then someone special like Cady Coleman joins their ranks. Coleman is currently stationed up in the International Space Station, where she plays the flute to relax in her free time. Recently, she put on a little demonstration that was broadcast on the Web for the whole world to see.

Coleman’s video was produced for the DMI House event in Austin, Texas that took place last month. The beginning gives viewers a tour of the station and winds up in the cupola of the ISS, whereupon she shows off the spectacular views of the ISS and finally plays some music. The coolest part of the video, though, is when she shows off her musical instruments.

As Coleman eloquently explains in the video, she wanted to bring other people’s instruments with her for the trip to the ISS “because space is so special. I’ve been here twice before but never really lived here. And I know how special it is. it’s the kind of place and experience that you want to share and help other people understand that space belongs to all of us.”

So, Coleman’s instruments (aside from her own) include a silver flute from Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull, an Irish flute from Matt Molloy of The Chieftains, and a tin whistle from Paddy Moloney (also of The Chieftains).

Coleman’s performance is lovely, but it’s the views from the cupola that really steal the show. The whole video is pretty stunning, and I can only hope that a follow-up performance is in the works.

Source: Geeks Are Sexy

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