At Last, the Amazing Persona 4 Comic Dub Is Complete


Once upon a time, fans created an animated adaptation of a fan-created comic adaptation of Atlus’ Persona 4. Now it’s done, and it’s still hilarious.

A quick recap: Once upon a time, an artist by the name of Peachifruit took it upon herself to retell the story of Persona 4 in an affectionate comic-book parody that pointed out some of the sillier bits of the story (the images no longer work on LiveJournal, but can be found on Photobucket). Then, after the comic spread across the internet like proverbial wildfire, fans of Peachifruit’s fan-comic turned it into a video, complete with “animation” and full voice-acting.

As of yesterday, the fan-comic’s fan-dub is officially complete. Now sadly, this doesn’t mean it fully tells the game’s plotline – Peachifruit discontinued her comic (or rather, put it on “indefinite hiatus”) out of waning interest in the game – so it ends on a bit of a cliffhanger. But all of the comic has now been translated to video, and it’s all exceptionally well done.

What strikes me the most about this is how superb the dub work is. Persona 4 already set a very high mark in terms of localization and dubbing, and though the people working on this project are all ostensibly amateurs who are just doing this for free, it sounds great. The voice actors all match their roles perfectly, and their delivery is spot on.

Alas, there is no more than this. This is where the comic ends, and so too must the video end here. I’d have liked to see some of the later scenes in P4 turned into comic-and-then-video form, but we shouldn’t be spoiled by what we did get.

The first part is up there on the right, and the last three are embedded here below:

(Also, the fourth part hints at some very major spoilers for the game, but come on! It came out in 2008, folks – there’s a statute of limitations on these things.)

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