Good news for owners of the PlayStation 3 version of Atari’s recent Ghostbusters game: The publisher has issued a fix for the game’s long-standing graphical issues.

Available as a free download by simply turning on the game, the patch addresses a design decision that left the PS3 version with a 25 percent smaller resolution than the Xbox 360 iteration of the game.

The publisher offers official word of what exactly was changed in the following quote:

Both single and multiplayer modes have been updated. In single player mode, fixes include an increase in resolution to match that of Xbox360 and some freeze issues, along with numerous other localization fixes. Several audio/subtitle mismatches have been patched up as well. The multiplayer patches fix certain maps when both SCEA and SCEE players attempt to play with each other, and the Pay Day Trophy and Capture All Most Wanted Ghosts Trophy now unlock properly.

The question remains: Why did the PS3 version of the game feature inferior graphics to begin with? It looks like we’ll never know the answer. Just be happy the Internet outcry against the issue resulted in a patch, instead of obtuse denials and men in masks breaking into your homes late at night.

You laugh now, but you’d be surprised at how affordable death squads are these days.

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