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When it comes to Elden Ring, a player must be quite skilled in order to defeat the game’s various enemies and bosses. What would be quite ludicrous, though, is someone trying to make their life even more maddening by not even using a proper controller to vanquish evil. Yet that is just what YouTuber SuperLouis64 did. The gamer used a modded Ring Fit Adventure controller (the “Ring-Con”) to play Elden Ring and defeat a boss on his first attempt.

The Ring-Con Is a Forced to Be Reckoned with, Even in Elden Ring

Ring Fit Adventure is a popular role-playing fitness game for Nintendo Switch, and most people would not think to mod its Ring-Con controller to play Elden Ring. Nevertheless, here is a clip of the fateful boss battle, which was first reported on via IGN:

Not only did Louis use jogging and squeezing the Ring-Con to maneuver and attack, but he demolished the Bloodhound Knight Darriwil on his first try. Ungodly!

In a subsequent tweet, Louis explained how the mod works. It’s relatively straightforward: jogging moves the player, squeezing or slashing with the Ring-Con attacks, and squatting uses items. It’s ingenious, really.

If you are interested in seeing the fight from start to finish, you can do so at SuperLouis64’s Twitch channel. The dude plays all manner of video games using the Ring-Con and an exercise bike, including Mario Party Superstars and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. He also previously beat Dark Souls with a controller made out of Pizza Hut pizza.

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