Zeno Clash is pretty great on the PC, but Atlus has you covered if you would prefer to play it with an Xbox 360 controller.

ACE Team’s Source Engine powered Zeno Clash is one of the most unique and memorable titles in recent history, and now Xbox 360 owners will be getting a chance to experience the first-person brawler for themselves. Previously only available on the PC through Steam and Direct2Drive (and some retail outlets in Europe), Atlus will be bringing Zeno Clash to XBLA in Spring 2010.

Zeno Clash is perfect for anyone that likes unique, indie games, or just punching the crap out of freaky looking bird-headed enemies. Players do use some weaponry in the game, but mostly engage in melee combat, taking on the role of Ghat as he settles a score with the leader of his clan, Father-Mother. Zeno Clash feels like Double Dragon played from a first-person perspective in a completely dreamlike, and sometimes creepy, 3D world.

The version being released on Xbox Live Arcade will be called Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition, adding new modes and new content. Somewhat due to fan feedback, ACE Team will also be implementing animation enhancements, combat rebalancing, and interface improvements. One of the new modes will be Co-op Tower Challenge, a split-screen offline and online co-op mode that challenges players to advance through multiple floors of a tower by defeating waves of enemies. The Tower Challenge available on the PC is only single-player. Pricing has not been revealed yet, but I’m guessing it’ll be 1200 Microsoft points, which would be a solid good deal. If it’s priced at 800, it’ll be a must buy.

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