Atlus Drops Six New Screens From Game Of Thrones


Darkness and surly dudes abound in the latest batch of images from the upcoming roleplaying game based on George R. R. Martin’s A Song Of Ice And Fire.

Dubbed Game Of Thrones — likely in an effort to tie the roleplaying game to HBO’s hit TV adaptation of Martin’s books — the game is scheduled for release sometime early this year on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows platforms. Though it’s not the first videogame adaptation of the material, it does seem to be the most thematically and aesthetically faithful interactive iteration of the low fantasy series.

I admit, I’ve never read the books, and I’ve only caught a few glimpses of the show, so while I’m not an excellent judge of the fan appeal of these images, I can critique them from the standpoint of a jaded gaming journalist who’s seen endless licensed crap regurgitated from the bowels of marketing teams.

In that light, these screens look pretty good. That image embedded at top (you can find a larger version in the gallery below) almost looks like something from the gorgeous Dark Souls, and the use of sparse lighting lends these screenshots a sparse, forboding air. Based on what I know of the books, that’s pretty spot on.

But what do you fans think? Do these screens capture whatever geek appeal the books casually throw at everyone who goes anywhere near them? Or is this entire thing pointless without Peter Dinklage?

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