Atlus Issues Release Date, New Trailer For Persona 2 PSP

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Persona 2: Innocent Sin is coming to the PSP very soon, and we’ve got the trailer to prove it.

For those of you who don’t keep up on your Persona lore outside of occasionally sneering at the game’s overtly sexualized Japanese tie-in toys, Persona 2: Innocent Sin is the long-awaited English-language debut of what Atlus’ PR wizards call “the lost Persona.”

Though its follow-up, Eternal Punishment was released on the original PlayStation, Innocent Sin never got the localization treatment, for reasons to convoluted and depressing to get into here.

With the renewed interest in the series spawned by the brilliant Persona 3 and the somehow even more brilliant Persona 4 however, Atlus has finally decided to bring the game Stateside. It hits retail shelves on September 20.

As per usual Atlus standards, those of you who purchase the game will also be treated to “a free mini-soundtrack CD featuring 10 tracks from the game’s musical score” and, presumably, the jealousy of those poor souls left clutching Teddy plush dolls and cursing their lack of Sony’s current-gen portable.

Oh, but what of the game? I’ll let Atlus explain:

Over 12 years in the making, the official localization of Innocent Sin provides patient fans with a dark RPG epic about reality being twisted by rumors and high school students who must draw on their inner strengths, their Personas, to bring back order. Taking advantage of PSP system’s 16:9 aspect ratio, higher resolution display, superior audio, and increased horsepower, this remastered version of one of the pinnacles of ATLUS’ flagship Shin Megami Tensei franchise delivers the game in style with a sleek new interface, new sidequests in the Climax Theater, and the player’s choice of the fully remixed or original soundtrack.

Updated graphics, updated sound and angsty teenagers fighting the forces of darkness. Throw in a few million words of overly verbose critical fawning and that’s pretty much Persona in a nutshell.

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