Atlus Picks up Citizens of Earth Failed Kickstarter


Citizens of Earth is an Earthbound-inspired role-playing game.

Eden Industries’ Citizens of Earth was an Earthbound-inspired role-playing game which didn’t meet its Kickstarter crowdfunding goal. However, despite it’s initial failing, Citizens of Earth does have a happy ending. Atlus, that quirky Japanese dev responsible for the Megami Tensei, has stepped in to save the day, today announcing that it has taken Citizens of Earth under its wing.

Atlus has launched a Citizens of Earth official website to go alongside the announcement, detailing aspects of the game’s story, characters and gameplay.

“As the newly elected Vice President of the World, you return to your rural hometown for some rest and relaxation… only to stumble upon a series of oddities which all lead to one logical yet difficult-to-prove conclusion: Something’s definitely up!”

In the game, players can recruit some 40 citizens of varying professions, and each is said to have a “unique play-style and out-of-combat world abilities.” In fact, there isn’t a single non-playable character the entire game – you can recruit anyone! The whole world has gone mad and it’s up to you and your followers to set things straight.

It definitely looks like this is a game to keep an eye on, and it looks like its Earthbound-inspired quirkiness has found a perfect home in Atlus.

Source: Destructoid

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