The developer of Zeno Clash is back with another unique title only it could create.

ACE Team doesn’t seem to make normal games. After putting out the uniquely awesome Zeno Clash on both PC and XBLA, the developer alongside Atlus is releasing Rock of Ages, a yet again strangely compelling game where players attack each other’s castles with boulders through various periods of art history.

I like ACE Team’s style. Why make a normal tower defense game when you can create one about rolling boulders through the Romanticism – Goya, Renaissance, Rococo, and Gothic periods? Each player will use more than 30 different buildings and units, including catapults, trebuchets, and elephants to defend the path to their castle, while the opposite player will be all about smashing these to bits with a giant smiling rock. The game’s visual and musical style will apparently fluctuate to change between the aforementioned periods of art (and perhaps others).

Rock of Ages looks like a new take on the strategy/tower defense genre and seems weird until you realize it was made by the development team that had us punch and kick our way through the weirdest creatures ever on the way to beat up a hermaphrodite in Zeno Clash. It’ll be playable online for nationwide art-based castle-destroying fun, and is expected to release through digitial distribution in Spring 2011. I can’t wait to see what ACE Team comes up with after this one.

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