Atlus Throws Birthday Party for Demon’s Souls


Atlus takes any opportunity to hold in-game Demon’s Souls events, and the hardcore RPG’s birthday is no exception.

Atlus is celebrating Demon’s Souls‘ birthday this week, which was released one year ago in North America. After selling enough copies to make it into the PlayStation 3’s “Greatest Hits” line, Atlus has announced that its demon baby is the most successful game in the company’s history.

Atlus USA only published the From Software-developed Demon’s Souls in North America, as opposed to other franchises like Shin Megami Tensei: Persona that are created by its Japanese parent, but that doesn’t make much of a difference thanks to the hundreds of thousands of copies the PS3 exclusive sold. In Atlus USA’s nearly twenty year history, not a single title has been more successful than Demon’s Souls.

To celebrate, Atlus is holding two tendency events for Demon’s Souls players to enjoy in October. From now until October 18, online players will be able to take advantage of a pure white tendency, while the rest of October will be pure black. For those that have no clue what Demon’s Souls is, a pure tendency will unlock secret enemies and events not found during normal play, and they also make foes either extremely hard or extremely easy with appropriate rewards.

Atlus thanks everyone that bought Demon’s Souls for “touching the demon” inside them. Unfortunately, Atlus won’t likely get its hands on the Demon’s Souls spiritual sequel Project Dark, because it’s reportedly being published worldwide by Namco Bandai in 2011, but at least it was able to bring the awesome first game to waves and waves of masochistic North American gamers.

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