It turns out the super ultra-limited re-release of the highly rare Persona 2: Eternal Punishment was a little too super ultra-limited.

With the upcoming release of Persona 4 for PS2 less than a month away, Atlus decided to dig deep within its vaults to dust off the classic PSOne title Persona 2: Eternal Punishment to give fans the opportunity to have another go around with it.

When I started writing the preceding paragraph the game was available in “extremely limited supply” only through Amazon at a reasonable price of $39.99. This included a cool, special bonus disk with an anime trailer for the game and a video interview with its creators. Unfortunately, by the time I had completed it and re-checked Amazon, it was already wiped out.

Assuming these listings are still reasonably current by the time you read these words, picking up a new copy of the game is going to cost you a cool $175 plus shipping. Used editions are still available through various sellers. The cheapest is $65.

Think Atlus might consider re-re-releasing this JRPG classic and give folks enough breathing room to actually pick up a copy? We’ll see.

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