Indie developer Nifflas has announced the imminent release of his next game, physics-based platformer NightSky.

Anyone with an inclination to play games that are more on the artistic side of things should keep an eye out for NightSky, the next title from independent developer Nifflas. Nifflas, also known as Nicklas Nygren, became popular for his work on exploration-based platformer Knytt, and later released open-ended puzzle-platformer Saira on Steam.

Nifflas kept the spotlight on what he already knows pretty well in the development of NightSky, as it’s another platformer, but this time players take on the role of something that isn’t quite human. The player in NightSky is a ball, which ties in to the game’s focus on physics.

The challenges found in NightSky are not enemy based, but environment and physics-based, with no foes to be found. Players must maneuver themselves through 10 atmospheric worlds, containing 13 areas each, fiercely rolling up ramps to scale walls, balancing on planks while weights fall on one end, attempting to fly between wind turbines, and even powering miniature vehicles with rotation. Experimental jazz musician Chris Schlarb contributed the soundtrack.

NightSky is said to have at least 6 hours of gameplay, though it also has a second quest after finishing it once that changes the lay of the land and unlocks secret challenges. It’ll be released for Windows on January 6, 2011, and producer Nicalis is also planning to bring it to WiiWare. Though NightSky‘s release is less than a week away, its price is still TBA, and there’s no current word on if it’ll be released on Steam like Saira or not. Nifflas’s website should reveal the deal on January 6.

Source: Indie Games

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